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Category: » Swords, daggers, axes » Movie props
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Braveheart Sword of William Wallace - 501421
New items
259.00 EUR
ID: 501421
In stock
Points: 10
LOTR Illuminated Moria Staff Of Gandalf - UC3328
281.00 EUR
ID: UC3328
In stock
Points: 15
Ten Ryu Handforged Kill Bill Katana - Bride Sword - TR-114H
96.00 EUR
ID: TR-114H
In stock
Points: 12
Katana Kill Bill Hand Forged Hattori Hanzo Sword - SW-320DX
142.00 EUR
ID: SW-320DX
In stock
Points: 13
Last Samurai - Captain Nathan Algren Tachi - MAZ-021
118.00 EUR
ID: MAZ-021
In stock
Points: 12
Sasuke Uchiha Naruto Anime Sword - YC-714
36.00 EUR
ID: YC-714
In stock
Points: 4
Longclaw Sword of Jon Snow Game of Thrones Replica 1/1 - VS0106
Discounted items
290.00 EUR
Old price:
310.00 EUR
Points: 5
Warcraft The Sword of Lothar Weta workshop  - WETAWLS
303.00 EUR
In stock
Points: 10
Gladiator Sword of General Maximus - 880012
299.00 EUR
ID: 880012
In stock
Points: 15
Harry Potter Letter Opener Gryffindor Sword 21cm - NN7855
49.00 EUR
ID: NN7855
In stock
Points: 3
Duncan Handforged Highlander Sword - JL-009HM
76.00 EUR
ID: JL-009HM
In stock
Points: 12
Connor Handforged Highlander Sword - JL-003HM
70.00 EUR
ID: JL-003HM
In stock
Points: 8
LOTR High Elven Warrior Display Sword - UC1373
282.00 EUR
ID: UC1373
In stock
Points: 20