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Category: » Knives » Daggers
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Dagger United Cutlery M48 Highland Sgian With Sheath - UC3154
52.00 EUR
ID: UC3154
In stock
Points: 4
Knife United Cutlery M48 Battle Scarred Series Olive Drab Cyclone - UC3341
New items
95.00 EUR
ID: UC3341
In stock
Points: 5
Knife United Cutlery M48 Cyclone Fixed-Blade Knife - UC3163
79.00 EUR
ID: UC3163
In stock
Points: 6
Boker Plus Besh Wedge Neck Knife - 02BO275
35.00 EUR
ID: 02BO275
In stock
Points: 2
Special Agent Stinger II Stiletto Nylon Sheath - UC2752B
Points: 1
Fairbairn-Sykes Commando Knife - 402538
75.00 EUR
ID: 402538
In stock
Points: 8
Cold Steel Tai Pan San Mai Knife - 35AA
245.00 EUR
ID: 35AA
In stock
Points: 10
Knife Cold Steel Ti-Lite Zytel - 26SP
Discounted items
59.00 EUR
Old price:
65.00 EUR
ID: 26SP
In stock
Knife Cold Steel Ti-Lite VI Zytel - 26SXP
77.00 EUR
In stock
Knife Cold Steel Ti-Lite VI XHP - 26ACSTX
Discounted items
149.00 EUR
Old price:
156.00 EUR
In stock
Cold Steel Nightshade FGX Tai Pan - 92FTP
14.00 EUR
In stock
Cold Steel Cruciform Dagger - 92HCD
9.00 EUR
In stock
Points: 1
Cold Steel Delta Dart - 92DDC
Dagger Cold Steel Tactical Rondel Dagger - 88CSAC
155.00 EUR
In stock
Points: 10