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Category: » Survival » Machetes
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Knife Honshu Boshin Seax Knife With Sheath - UC3468
New items
109.00 EUR
ID: UC3468
In stock
Points: 6
Honshu Gladiator Sword With Sheath - UC3431
New items
109.00 EUR
Points: 10
United Cutlery Honshu Boshin Parang - UC3242
88.00 EUR
ID: UC3242
In stock
Points: 8
Machete Cold Steel Slant Tip Machete 21'' - 97ST21S
30.00 EUR
ID: 97ST21S
In stock
Points: 1
USMC Kukri Machete - United Cutlery - UC3011
33.00 EUR
ID: UC3011
In stock
Points: 3