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Category: » Survival » Tomahawks and axes
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Condor Chopping & Splitting Cruiser Axe - CTK4004C
New items
90.00 EUR
ID: CTK4004C
In stock
Points: 5
Cold Steel Templar Throwing Axe - 80TEMPZ
Discounted items
29.00 EUR
Old price:
35.00 EUR
United Cutlery Officially Licensed U.S.M.C. Tactical Tomahawk - UC3094
55.00 EUR
ID: UC3094
In stock
Points: 5
United Cutlery M48 Twin Blade Tomahawk - UC3056
72.00 EUR
ID: UC3056
In stock
Points: 5
Cold Steel Viking Axe - 89VA
Discounted items
139.00 EUR
Old price:
159.00 EUR
Points: 9
United Cutlery M48 Ranger Hawk Axe with Compass - UC2836
53.00 EUR
ID: UC2836
In stock
Points: 5
United Cutlery M48 Tactical Hawk - UC2765
48.00 EUR
ID: UC2765
In stock
Points: 5
United M48 Kommando Survival Rescue Axe Orange - UC2821
41.00 EUR
ID: UC2821
In stock
Points: 5
Ox-Head Champion Chopping Axe - OX-440-H-2708
319.00 EUR
Points: 20
OX 18 H Throwing axe - OX-18-H-1206
169.00 EUR
Points: 10
Cold Steel Tomahawk Norse Hawk - 90N
37.00 EUR
ID: 90N
In stock
Points: 2