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Category: » Collections » Lord of The Rings weapons replicas.
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Lord of the Rings Letter Opener Narsil - NN6552
39.00 EUR
ID: NN6552
In stock
Points: 4
Lord of the Rings Letter Opener Herugrim - NN9248
39.00 EUR
ID: NN9248
In stock
Points: 4
LOTR Sword of Samwise - UC2614
165.00 EUR
ID: UC2614
In stock
Points: 23
LOTR Fighting Knives of Legolas - UC1372
205.00 EUR
ID: UC1372
In stock
Points: 20
LOTR Bearded Axe of Gimli - UC2628
187.00 EUR
ID: UC2628
In stock
Points: 25
The Anduril - LOTR forged sword - DA1309S
New items
759.00 EUR
Points: 15