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Category: » Knives » Fixed blade knives
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In stock:
Condor Bushlore Knife - CTK232-4.3HCM
Points: 4
Condor Warlock Knife - CTK253-12.5HC
135.00 EUR
Points: 4
Gil Hibben Legionnaire Bowie Knife II - GH5068
119.00 EUR
ID: GH5068
In stock
Points: 12
Knife Gil Hibben High Polish Karambit With Sheath - GH5054
59.00 EUR
ID: GH5054
In stock
Points: 4
Knife Hibben Legacy III Fighter - GH5049
111.00 EUR
ID: GH5049
In stock
Points: 6
Gil Hibben Old West Fixed Blade Boot Knife - GH5047
58.00 EUR
ID: GH5047
In stock
Points: 3
Hibben Legacy Combat Fighter With Sheath - GH5027
76.00 EUR
ID: GH5027
In stock
Points: 8
Knife Survivor Assault and Sheath - GH5025
98.00 EUR
ID: GH5025
In stock
Points: 10
Hibben IV Machete - GH5007
104.00 EUR
Points: 15
Raven Claw Fighting Knife  - 401472s
Points: 9