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Category: » Swords, daggers, axes » Japanese swords

Green Bamboo Snake Wakizashi - PC1659G

Green Bamboo Snake Wakizashi
Manufacturer: Hanwei
Points: 20
ID: PC1659
560.00 EUR
Sold Out
Green Bamboo Snake Wakizashi

Green Bamboo Snake Wakizashi

PC1659 - Paul Chen Folded Steel Green Bamboo Snake Katana. Sharpened hand forged folded high carbon steel blade. Genuine black rayskin handle with green cord wrap. Blackened iron tsuba features a tree snake lying in wait in a bamboo thicket. Wooden scabbard with black or green lacquer finish.

Each of the distinctively patterned forged and folded steel blades is differentially hardened and complemented by a handsome green Tsuka-ito (handle wrap) over black Same (ray skin) and deeply-lacquered green or black Saya (scabbard). The blackened iron tsuba (guard) and fuchi/kashira (handle furniture) depict, in typical Hanwei detail, a tree snake lying in wait in a bamboo thicket. Hanwei is producing 140 Katana and 20 Wakizashi with the Green Saya(PC1659G) below. A further 160 Katana and 30 Wakizashi will feature a black saya(PC1659).

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