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Category: » Martial arts » Japanese weapons

WKC Dragonfly Iaito - JAP08BW271

WKC Dragonfly Iaito
Manufacturer: WKC
WKC Dragonfly Iaito
WKC Dragonfly Iaito
WKC Dragonfly Iaito
WKC Dragonfly Iaito
WKC Dragonfly Iaito
WKC Dragonfly Iaito
WKC Dragonfly Iaito
WKC Dragonfly Iaito
WKC Dragonfly Iaito

WKC Dragonfly Iaito

Stainless steel hand-forged Iaito : The Dragonfly-Iaito is a high quality iaito specially made for Training.
Dimensions available:

Shaku cm inch sori Body size
2,26 68,5 27 0,6" 155 cm - 160 cm
2,35 71 28 0,6/1" 160 cm - 165 cm
2,45 74,2 29,2 0,6/1" 170 cm - 175 cm
2,50 75,8 29,84 0,6" 175 cm - 180 cm
  • Sugata(Blade style)
  • Hand-forged curved blade with Bohi (groove) and Chu-Kissaki tip. Stainless steel. Hamon made with sandblasting. The hardness of the Mune and of the Ha (blade edge) is 55° HRC Rockwell.
    Sori 1" - 2,54 cm
    Sori 0,6" - 1,52 cm
    Moto-Kasane (Thickness) ca. 5/16" - 0,79 cm
    Saki-Haba : 22 mm
    Moto-Haba: 32 mm
    Balance point (measured from Habaki): ca. 10,5 cm
    Nakago (tongue) with Mei (inscription) according to the tradition: WKC – year of production.
  • Fuchi-Kashira
  • Beautifully carved with Dragonfly. Carbon steel (C45). Steel oxidized, black color
  • Tsuka(Grip)
  • Wood grip, adapted to the tongue. Length 11inch = 28cm.
  • Tsuka-ito(Handle wrap)
  • Premium-cotton. Tight.
  • Samé
  • Real white ray skin.
  • 2 Menuki
  • Brass, hand polished. Dragonfly shape. One each side, traditional mounting of menuki.
  • Habaki
  • Brass color. Made in 1 piece
  • Seppa
  • Copper
  • 2 Mekugi
  • Bamboo wood, based upon the traditional method to seat the pins. The 2 mekugi-ana are drilled diagonal and conical into the tongue. The mekugi are fitted from opposite side.
  • Tsuba
  • Carbon steel (C45), hand polished. Steel oxidized, black color.
  • Saya
  • Selected white wood. Textured black lacquered. Curved according to the Sori. The Koi-guchi (mouth piece) is made of plastic. Saya with kurikata and 2 shitodome to hold the Obi.
  • Sageo
  • Black (cord sed for tying the Saya to the Obi - knob on the Saya).
  • Included Accessories
  • Protective cloth bag.

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