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Hanwei Mini English Knightly Sowrd - MH2301

Hanwei Mini English Knightly Sowrd
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Manufacturer: Hanwei
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ID: MH2301
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Hanwei Mini English Knightly Sowrd

The English Knightly Mini Sword (MH2301) replicates one of the most popular designs of the medieval period, while the German Hand-and-a-Half Mini Sword (MH2302) demonstrates a style used throughout Europe around the 15th century. Both blades are forged from high-carbon spring steel.
Our new line of Mini-Swords features miniature replicas of several of our full-sized swords, all with fully tempered blades and correctly detailed hilts. Each comes with an attractive wood and metal display stand with a metal placard identifying the sword type, origin and approximate period of use. Each piece is furnished in a clam shell presentation box and handsome black and gold sleeve, making an exceptional gift.