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Category: » Self defence » Walking sticks

Cold Steel Walkabout XL - 91WACX

Cold Steel Walkabout XL
Manufacturer: Cold Steel
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70.00 EUR
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Cold Steel Walkabout XL

Cold Steel Walkabout XL

The walking stick has earned its place in history. Every culture in human experience has utilized it in one form or another. To pay homage to this tradition and provide you with a quality tool, Cold Steel presents the Walkabout XL.
Fashioned entirely in the United States of premium straight grained Ash specially selected to be free of all knots or flaws, the Walkabout XL is a prime example of the pride our craftsman take in their work. With a length of 37 inches, a weight of 21 ounces and a 2 1/3" knob the Walkabout XL provides an extra sturdy balancing aid for traversing rough, slippery or uneven ground. It also serves as a pointer, probe, lever and emergency defensive tool.
Each Walkabout XL is turned from a 3 1/2" ash blank, carefully sanded and stained for visual appeal and then coated in clear polyurethane to protect it from the elements. Few other American hardwoods are better suited than Ash for a walking stick as it stands up to continuous use and is tough enough to withstand hard knocks. Every Walkabout XL comes complete with a brass ferrule that protects the stick from cracking or the excessive wear associated with concrete sidewalks and city streets.