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Knife Cold Steel Western Hunter - 36PE

Knife Cold Steel Western Hunter
Manufacturer: Cold Steel
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ID: 36PE
26.00 EUR
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Cold Steel Western Hunter & Long Hunter
Knife Cold Steel Western Hunter

Knife Cold Steel Western Hunter

In the 1990’s, Cold Steel introduced a series of four low cost knives we called the “Frontier Series”. They were based on classic, 100 year old blade designs and made from our exclusive Carbon V® steel and featured simple hickory scale handles. They were enormously popular with our customers. Discontinuing them a few years after they were introduced was regrettable but necessary because of insurmountable manufacturing problems and rising costs.

This year we are very pleased to re-introduce two newly improved versions of those same blade styles. The blades are made from the same 4116 Krupp steel that’s used in the most expensive German cutlery, and the handles are made of durable, super tough polypropylene which won’t warp, crack, shrink or swell up the way wood does. And, both knives come complete with a sturdy pouch-style Cordura sheath.

Western Hunter

Based on a design that harkens back to the late 1800’s, the Western Hunter’s™ practical blade style was popular and wildly successful and eventually adopted at first by individual butchers and later the meat packing industry in general. This happened mostly because of the Western Hunter’s™ inexhaustible versatility and simple, no-nonsense usefulness.

Our version integrates the original profile and incorporates a flat ground blade with a thin, keen edge. This blade shape lends itself to a variety of uses because the edge runs in a mild continuous curve two thirds of the way up the blade where it transitions to a more pronounced curve (forming the perfect “belly” for long skinning strokes) before terminating in a sharp, yet useful point.

This is your chance to own our modern recreation of a blade that has proven itself ideal for skinning everything from Field Mice to Grizzly Bears!