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Category: » Swords, daggers, axes » Japanese swords

Thaitsuki Kanshiki Wakizashi - WK01

Thaitsuki Kanshiki Wakizashi
Manufacturer: Thaitsuki
Points: 35
ID: WK01
715.00 EUR

Thaitsuki Kanshiki Wakizashi

The blade is Koto style, forged from Japanse High Carbon steel, clay coated, heat treated(differentially tempered 40/60 HRC), hand polished and features a half bo-hi. The Koshira feature a eligent Koto style design. The saya has a rich dark brown gloss finish with a buffalo horn Koiguchi. The tsuka ito is wrapped in a golden brown Japanese silk with black same' and features brass antique style Fushi, Kashira, tsuba and 99% silver menuki, seppa and silver Habaki.
The Kanshiki Japanese Wakizashi is forged using the Japanese Nihonto metheod and can be completely disassembled for full maintenance. This Japnese wakizashi is extremely sharp and is fully functional.