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Hanwei Spangenhelm - AH2191N

Hanwei Spangenhelm
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Manufacturer: Hanwei
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ID: AH2191N
205.00 EUR
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Hanwei Spangenhelm

Hanwei Spangenhelm

The Spangenhelm is based on an 11th century piece. This style of conical helmet construction, whereby overlapping metal straps or "spangen" were riveted to dished metal plates to form the skull cap, is known to date back to the 6th century and was used as late as the 15th century. Our Spangenhelm, with its solid "nasal" and reinforced "eyebrows" is of an 11th ~ 13th century style. Many can be seen on the famous Bayeaux Tapestry, which records scenes from the 1066 A.D. Battle of Hastings. As with the originals, our Spangenhelm is provided with a leather chin strap.