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7 Section Whip Chain KungFu - 45-27N

7 Section Whip Chain KungFu
Manufacturer: Tiger Claw
Points: 2
ID: 45-27N
20.00 EUR
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7 Section Whip Chain KungFu

7 Section Whip Chain KungFu

Our Whip Chains are available in Seven or Nine Sections with a choice of lightweight Wushu steel(45-27N) or heavier combat steel(45-27).
Wushu Whip Chains
This lightweight whip chain has three-ring links and three-inch sections, with a cord-wound grip. The handle end is perforated for tassel attachment. Great for beginners, kids or wushu practitioners. Comes with a black carrying pouch.
Seven-section: Overall length-41" Weight-7 oz
Nine-section: Overall length-51" Weight-8 oz
Combat Steel Whip Chains
Chrome-plated combat steel. Each section has a length of 3 1/2".
Seven-section: Overall length-46" Weight-1 lb.
Nine-section: Overall length-56". Weight-1 lb. 6.5 oz.