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Category: » Survival » Flashlights

NiteIze T3 - T3C-01-R7

NiteIze T3
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Manufacturer: Inova
Points: 4
ID: T3C-01-R7
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82.00 EUR
NiteIze T3

NiteIze T3

From troops in the field to the world's busiest international airports, military, police and security professionals depend on the powerful illumination provided by the INOVA T-Series of LED flashlights. Designed for mission critical use, the T-Series is engineered to withstand the rigors of tough duty and extreme environmental conditions. A performance lighting line of exceptional durability and proven reliability, the T-Series has the range of sizes, tactical switch designs and perfect balance for operational excellence. In threatening situations where far-reaching brightness, handling responsiveness and product trustworthiness is crucial, the T-Series is the outright leader in its category.
Among the tools professionals count on most is a flashlight. The INOVA T3 LED flashlight provides the strategic balance of durability, compact size and powerful light performance they are looking for. By incorporating advanced technology and high-quality materials, the T3 is capable of projecting a highly intense beam of light up to 590 feet. Easy to store, carry and handle, it is an invaluable asset for those who must face threatening situations.