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Dynasty Forge 29`` Daimyo 1095 Katana with Bo-Hi in Mokko Cherry Theme - DF021

Dynasty Forge 29`` Daimyo 1095 Katana with Bo-Hi in Mokko Cherry Theme
Manufacturer: Dynasty Forge
Points: 50
ID: DF021
945.00 EUR
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Dynasty Forge 29`` Daimyo 1095 Katana with Bo-Hi in Mokko Cherry Theme

Forged from pure 1095 high-carbon steel, this 29" blade is as resilient as it is beautiful. Hand-forged and clay-tempered, the Hamon is brought out through a meticulous traditional hand-polish on imported Japanese stones. This fine polish exposes the grain of the steel, very similar to Nashiji Hada (pear Hada). A hand-carved and burnished Bo-Hi keeps this large blade balanced and lively. The blade is fitted in our popular mokko cherry theme. The Tsuka is wrapped in silk Ito. The Saya is finished in a durable black matte lacquer.

The Steel
The Daimyo 1095 line is hand-forged from 1095 high-carbon steel. This steel is chosen for its purity and high-carbon content, matching that of idealized Tamahagane. However, unlike Tamahagane, this modern steel is free of impurities and homogenous throughout. As such, 1095 blades are stronger and more resilient while retaining the famed edge-retention of traditional blades.
The Forging Process
Starting with a single pure billet of 1095 steel, the blade is hand-forged until malleable and shaped to form. The Daimyo 1095 blades then undergo the traditional clay-tempering process. The resulting white Hamon lends the steel another layer of intricacy as well as creates a differentially hardened edge.
The Polishing Process
Each Daimyo 1095 blade is hand-polished on imported Japanese stones. Taking over 60 hours, the blade geometry is refined and the surface brought to a fine luster through the use of twelve different grades of stones. While 1095 blades do not have Hada in the traditional sense, as they are not forge-folded, when hand-polished, the grain of the steel shines through. Like fine beach sand, the 1095 grain resembles traditional Nashiji Hada. The Hamon is finished in the Hadori style, where the polisher uses Hazuya stones to accentuate the contrast against the Ji.
The Finished Blade
The Daimyo 1095 line is the quintessence of a Japanese sword – beauty and function perfectly united. This is a result of a sophisticated process, revealing a Japanese weapon’s traditional form enclosed in a hand-forged blade, brought to a deadly and beautiful mirror finish. At the heart of this blade is a high-carbon steel, a material so pure it does not demand the folding techniques used to removed impurities from lesser metal. The 1095 blades exhibit outstanding durability, a superior edge and the ability to outperform traditional materials. These high-performance weapons exude superior balance and craftsmanship.