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Category: » Other » LARP foam weapons and accessories

LARP Centurian Gladius - Latex - 887004

LARP Centurian Gladius - Latex
Manufacturer: Museum Replicas
Points: 4
ID: 887004
48.00 EUR
Sold Out
Additional photos: LARP Centurian Gladius - Latex

LARP Centurian Gladius - Latex

Whether a one on one encounter in the coliseum or fending off hordes in Germania, this gladius is an exceptional short sidearm for cutting and thrusting. Features a suede wrapped, hard rubber handle for good balance and excellent control. Made with tough layered foam and high quality latex for tough, long lasting play!
Please Note: This is not a metal weapon; it is a quality latex weapon for LARP and other forms of action play.

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