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Hanwei Raptor Katana, Moroha Zukuri - SH2413

Hanwei Raptor Katana, Moroha Zukuri
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Manufacturer: Hanwei
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ID: SH2413
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Hanwei Raptor Katana, Moroha Zukuri

Forged in the Kissaki Moro Ha Zukuri style, the blade design of the Moroha Zukuri Katana is based on a Tachi blade believed to have been forged around 800 AD by the smith Amakuni, though many similar blades have been produced in later Japanese history. The style is seen as a link between the old Ken straight swords and the curved Tachi (and later Katana). The style is unusual in having a back edge on the top half of the blade, with fullers starting where this edge finishes and continuing to the hilt. We have deliberately left this edge unsharpened for the benefit of Iaido practitioners used to working with more conventional blade styles. With a blade length of just 26-3/8”, this sword is very quick and is ideal for multiple cuts in light targets.
Key Features:
- 5160 Stee
l - Historical blade style
- Designed by James Williams / Hanwei

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