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Category: » Swords, daggers, axes » Japanese swords

Citadel Katana Flowers Silver - CDK11

Citadel Katana Flowers Silver
Manufacturer: Citadel
Points: 50
2450.00 EUR

Citadel Katana Flowers Silver

Powerful Katana with great decoration : silvered brass pieces, Saya with flowers, and engraved-sculpted Bamboo design on Tsuba and Fushi-Kashira.
Long blade handforged in DNH7 steel with 3 hammers on sharcoal bed. True selective temper made according the traditionnal process of clay quenshing and, thus true temper line, as usual.
Hand sharpened, hand polished DNH7 high carbon steel blade with true differential quenching. Genuine white rayskin handle with silk cord wrap. Black finish handmade iron tsuba. Black lacquer finish wood scabbard.
Comes with its high grade japanese silk Sageo, silk Bukuro and nylon padded and zipper transport case with adjustable strap and cleaning kit (not provided) pocket.
Hamon : Mix of Gunome-Midare
Mune :Ihari
Point : Chu Kissaki, visible Ko Maru/Yakitsume Boshi.
Tori Sori : 0.33"
Nagasa : 30.66"
Moto Haba : 1.33"
Nakago : Filed in Takano Ha.
Habaki : Tempered copper, forged on the blade, filed and silver plated.
Seppas : silver plated filed brass
Tsuba : Maru Gata, hand engraved and sculpted in Sukashi. Aged iron. Bamboo design.
Tsuka : 11", White same entirely wrapping the handle. Menukis Shishi, silver plated brass. Traditional Ineri Maki braiding made of first grade Japanese black silk. Aged iron Fushi-Kashira with bamboo design (en suite with Tsuba) engraved on a Nanako background. Bamboo Mekugi. Silver plated, filed brass Ito Domes.
Saya : Jackwood with black, glossy lacquer. It is decorated on both face with a row of four egg-shell made flowers inlayed in lacquer. Kurigata, Kojiri, Koigushi are water buffalo horn. Shito Domes are brass filed and silver plated.
Weight : 43.95 oz
Can be fully disassembled. Blade carries lifetime guarantee subjected to normel use in a Dojo.