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Category: » Swords, daggers, axes » Japanese swords

Citadel Curly Katana Shira Saya - CDK12

Citadel Curly Katana Shira Saya
Manufacturer: Citadel
Points: 50
1490.00 EUR

Citadel Curly Katana Shira Saya

Beautiful Shira Saya made in curly wood.
Yamato blade, little curved, without grooves, hand forged with 3 hammers on a sharkoal bed.
Multipurpose blade good for Tameshigiri or Iaïdo.
Hand sharpened, hand polished DNH7 high carbon steel blade with true differential quenching. Lacquer finish natural wood scabbard.
Delivered in its silk sleeve and its padded, zippered transport pouch with adjustable strap and pocket for cleaning kit (not provided).
Hamon : Shugua
Mune : Ihari
Point : Chu Kissaki with visible Ko Maru Boshi
Tori Sori : 0.33"
Nagasa : 29.33"
Nakago : Takano Ha
Habaki : "lost wax cast" tempered copper.
Tsuka : 11", Jackwood, en suite with Saya.
Fushi and Koigushi : water buffalo horn. Saya and tsuka are carved in a piece of Sra Lao a rare and amazing wood perfect for decorating this Shira Saya.
Weight : 2.25 lbs
Blade carries lifetime guarantee subjected to normel use in a Dojo.