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Dynasty Forge 28.5`` Bushi F/F Tri-Steel Katana in Wave Theme - DF023

Dynasty Forge 28.5`` Bushi F/F Tri-Steel Katana in Wave Theme
Manufacturer: Dynasty Forge
Points: 35
ID: DF023
739.00 EUR
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Dynasty Forge 28.5`` Bushi F/F Tri-Steel Katana in Wave Theme

The 28.5" blade is hand forge-folded from 1095, 1080 and 1060 high-carbon steel, clay-tempered and fitted in an elegant and understated wave theme. The 12.5" Tsuka is wrapped in black silk Ito over a pair of dragon Menuki. The Saya is finished in a high-gloss black 11-layer natural lacquer.

The Steel
The Bushi Forge-Folded blades are made using a unique combination of 1095, 1080 and 1060 high-carbon steel. Starting from a 9 layer billet, the differential carbon creates an intricate Hada usually found only on Tamahagane blades. Similar to the Bushi 1095 line, the Bushi Forge-Folded line gains strength from the lack of impurities in the steel, leading to stronger resilience and durability
The Forging Process
Each Bushi Forge-Folded blade is hand-forged and folded 8-12 times, depending on how the billet reacts to each fold. The goal is to create a near homogenous blade with an attractive Hada. All Bushi Forge-Folded blades undergo the traditional clay-tempering process. The resulting white Hamon lends the steel another layer of intricacy.
The Polishing Process
The Bushi line is given a high-grade hybrid polish. Using modern techniques and machinery, the blade is shaped and rough polished. The final stages of polishing are done by hand to ensure a smooth and elegant finish. This process, while faster than a traditional hand-polish, also tends to be more resistant to scratching and wear and tear while still displaying the Hada and Hamon, making it ideal or mid-range swords meant for either use or collection.
The Finished Blade
The Bushi Modern Forge-Folded swords are ideal for those who admire and appreciate traditional Japanese esthetic's. Our Bushi class unites meticulous craftsmanship with modern metallurgical techniques to create blades that clearly exhibit the traditional Hada and Hamon. It is this reflection of a long-established authentic process that gains these weapons an appreciation from sword enthusiasts at all levels. Our Bushi class offers great value while remaining faithful to the principles of superior Japanese sword design and esthetic's.