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Category: » Self defence » Ubrellas

Security Umbrella men City-Safe round hook handle - S10002

Security Umbrella men City-Safe round hook handle
Points: 5
ID: S10002
109.00 EUR

Security Umbrella men City-Safe round hook handle

As an ordinary everyday object you can carry the umbrella at any time and everywhere with you. You can also pass through security checks at the airport as usual. It was carried by panelists repeatedly on European flights without problems as hand luggage. The umbrella is completely harmless and is therefore your faithful companion for every opportunity. Due to the rotary hook it can be handled for many techniques and carried comfortably on the arm. The rod of the umbrella is made of a special, extremely resistant glass fiber composite material. The ribs are made of fiber glass and the knob made of solid hardwood. The umbrella is practically unbreakable, no matter what stress it undergoes. During development, it was subjected to rigorous testing. It can bear the weight of a person and the wooden handle can withstand powerful blows against a concrete wall without splitting or breaking. It is a fully functional, elegant umbrella with automatic opening mechanism. The rod is virtually unbreakable, no matter the stress to which it is subjected. It weighs just 700 grams with a length of 82 cm. The umbrella can bear the weight of a person of up to 80 kg. The umbrella can be carried anywhere legally (even in aircrafts and in office buildings). It contains no unusual ingredients and the only metal is the stainless steel tip. The umbrella also comes with a protective case and practical hand strap. Opened diameter: 112 cm

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