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Category: » Survival » Tomahawks and axes

Cold Steel Tomahawk Spontoon Hawk - 90AWA

Cold Steel Tomahawk Spontoon Hawk
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Manufacturer: Cold Steel
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50.00 EUR
Cold Steel Tomahawk Spontoon Hawk

Cold Steel Tomahawk Spontoon Hawk

Cold Steel Spontoon Hawk. While most tomahawks are chopping tools there was a less popular alternative known as a spontoon hawk. Made with a blade expressly designed for piercing it was capable of delivering deep puncture wounds that were quite lethal. Often found with a sloping or diamond shaped point and sharpened on both sides the Spontoon hawk offered little to no utility value but was undeniable a fearsome and brutally effective weapon. Today modern made spontoon hawks are extremely rare (outside of the cheapest quality imports) so we decided to remedy the situation with our own models. Available in faux pipe hawk style they feature classic sloping and diamond shaped blades that can be fully sharpened!